Layer Informatics has well qualified industry expertise to deliver Geospatial solutions and services especially in Land Information Systems, Utility, Telecom, Transportation, Geology and Engineering sectors.

Layer Informatics offers Land Information Systems (LIS) solutions and services to the State Governments, Municipalities, Local Development bodies, Urban & Town Planning Institutions, Agriculture and Forestry Departments for effective land use planning and implementation of Land Policies, Bye-laws and Regulations.

Layer Informatics' specialized Land Information System service offerings include :

  • Requirement Analysis and Standards preparation
  • Creation of Landbase and Infrastructure
  • Creation of complex geo-databases with reference to Geodatabase models
  • Creation and maintenance of land information systems for solutions such as Tax Assessment, Agriculture, Forestry, Urban planning etc
  • Data Integration and development of Enterprise GIS Solutions
Layer Informatics offers Spatial and Non-spatial data management services for Utilities such as Electric, Gas, Water, Telecom etc. to cater to the needs of Government and Private agencies.

Layer Informatics specializes in the creation, conversion, and maintenance of large volumes of spatial and non-spatial facilities and asset data, using customized application interfaces. Layer Informatics specializes in creating large and complex Geodatabases using disparate sources of information such as legacy drawings and different CAD formats.

Layer Informatics has an extensive expertise in various Utilities including Electric, Gas, Water and Telecom and has in depth knowledge of respective Data models to create Geodatabase with Asset and Facility data.

  • Data Creation / Conversion from disparate and multiple sources of Digital / Non Digital formats.
  • Data Migration of existing legacy databases to client specified formats
  • Conflation of Existing facility networks to accurate and latest Land base maps and imagery
  • Integration of facility networks with relevant attribute information
  • Enhancement of old Facility network features and corresponding land-base details as per AS-built drawings
Layer Informatics offers Mapping services to create map datasets for surface / sub surface minerals and mines, Digitization of Legacy Geological maps, Digital database creation for drill log data, Geodatabase creation for spatial / non spatial data, Thematic Map creation to depict mineral exploration zones and mining. Layer Informatics teams up with competent geological consultants to understand the Geological nomenclature and standards to create accurate and quality Geological datasets.
  • Creation of surface / Sub-surface mineral and mining exploration maps
  • Development of Geological database for spatial and non spatial geological data
  • Maintenance of Mineral Exploration and Mining databases
  • Creation of Drill log Database Wells and Bores
Layer Informatics offers a wide range of Engineering Drawing Conversion and Drafting services, starting from raster to digital data conversion to drafting bureau services where in teams at Layer Informatics works just like an extended arm to the architects, engineers and planners. Layer Informatics has extensive domain knowledge in Civil, Structural, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) and Architecture verticals and employs SMEs to better understand the scope of the work and to ensure the quality.

Engineering Conversions

  • Legacy Drawing conversion from Paper format to Digital Format
  • Data Migration from One data format to another format
  • CAD Drafting and detailing services for various Engineering disciplines
  • CAD Bureau Services

Plant Engineering (Oil & Gas)

Layer Informatics provides high quality, cost effective engineering drafting services to the Oil and Gas Industries.

  • Serves the customers across the globe for the Plant & Instrumentation (P&I) Process of Oil and Gas Industries
  • Create, modify, and manage piping and instrumentation diagrams using piping design software. Specialized in Support and Services for Engineering Data Management and handling high-end CAD solutions
Layer Informatics offers services in creating accurate Telecom networks with reference to Landbase and various inputs such as PLRs (Plant Location Records) etc. Layer Informatics has an excellent sphere of influence in Telecom sector and understands overall Telecom network creation process including data capture, network validation, Data loading backed by work flow management systems, proven processes and quality management systems
Layer Informatics develops mapping solutions to support Transportation systems such as Fleet Management, Vehicle routing and Inventory tracking systems etc. Layer Informatics offers mapping services such as collecting, creating, integrating, managing and developing transportation related geo-spatial databases to support various transportation related applications.
Layer Informatics develops City Map Datasets with extensive coverage of Point Of Interests (POIs) and other relevant road furniture attributes to support various LBS applications. Layer Informatics understands various Geodatabase models to create standardized datasets and also to quickly map them to suit any custom data structure requirements. Layer Informatics creates high quality datasets with positional accuracy and data richness to support various LBS applications.